Wedding Day Management

Now your plans are in place; we will be there to make sure it all happens perfectly on the day.
We will be available the day before the wedding to catch up on all the finer details and co-ordinate your wedding rehearsal.
We are there on your wedding day to oversee every detail and put you at ease – from co-ordinating caterers to sound checking the DJ and entertainment, from positioning flowers to straightening your train before you walk down the aisle.

On the Day of the Wedding

  • Ensure all suppliers/deliveries arrive on time and that they deliver what has been paid for.
  • Check Bridal party preparations – ensure all suppliers such as make-up artists, hairdressers and all other items arranged have arrived.
  • Ensure all décor and floral elements are set-up at the church/ ceremony and at the reception.
  • Ensure all details of the main table are taken care of.
  • Putting all name cards, menus, table numbers and table gifts on the tables in accordance to your requirements.
  • Handle the floor plan.
  • Checking of cutlery, crockery and place settings.
  • Discuss and liaise with the MC, DJ and caterers about the timeline, making sure the day flows smoothly and any changes are communicated to all parties.
  • Ensuring the cake is set-up securely, and that a cake knife and lifter is place on the cake table.
  • Table seating plan is placed according to your requirements.
  • Make sure DJ and Entertainers set-up on time and in the agreed location.
  • Sound and lighting technicians set-up correctly and make sure that they secure all cabling etc. We don’t want your guest tripping over cables or a speaker coming out of your grooms head when saying his speech – we don’t want that in the photos.
  • Make sure the photographer takes shots of all the details from the invites to the finest details on the table.
  • Sign delivery notes of all suppliers.
  • Ensure the schedule is being met and attend to any needs of the bridal party as they prepare for the wedding day.


  • We set-up all flowers and décor for the ceremony (if you decide to use The Wedding Specialist team for flowers and décor) if you have another florist we will oversee that all is set-up in accordance to the quotation.
  • Meet and greet guests on arrival and attend to any needs they may have.
    • Ensure key family members are attended to and are seated in the best seats for the ceremony.
  • Lighting of the candles.
  • Making sure the details are taken care of before guests arrive.
  • Make sure the Marriage officiant arrives on time and take care of any requirements he/ she may need.
  • Assistance with the distribution and pinning of corsages and buttonholes.
  • Distribution of the bouquets and showing the bridesmaids how to hold the bouquets correctly.
  • We do a final check that the groom and groomsmen attire is correct.
  • Petals are placed correctly and are fresh. 
  • Assist and double-check bridesmaids with their final look and make them comfortable.
  • Flower girls and pageboys preparation, we assist with keeping the little ones comfortable and ready to walk confidently down the aisle.
  • Assist with the Bridal Party entrance. Make sure the father of the bride knows what to do and stands on the correct side.
  • Calming of nerves, adjusting your dress and making sure that all the flowers, ties and smiles are just right.

Pre Reception Time

  • Removal of Church or Ceremony decorations.
  • Ensure necessary transport is ready for the couple.
  • Assist in ensuring timetable is being met.
  • Guiding guests between locations.
  • Make sure the bride and groom have beverages and get snack during the photoshoot.
  • Assist guests with placing gifts in arranged area.
  • Answering any questions guests may have.
  • Ensuring pre-reception drinks are served in accordance with the agreed amount with the venue.
  • Ensure canapés are served to guests (if arranged with the caterer/ venue).
  • Brief MC along with the function manager from the venue about necessary house rules, schedules etc.
  • Ensuring all candles are lit before guests enter reception.
  • Assist with seating of guests on time.
  • The day after the wedding, we will ensure everything is left as found and that all returns are taken care of so you can leave for your honeymoon without a care in the world!

This package provides 12 hours of wedding management assistance including approximately 10 hours of on-the-day management.

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